Fumiko Kano Glückstad

Associate Professor in Cross-Cultural Market Communication

Dept. of Management, Society & Communication

Copenhagen Businesss School




07.2016 - present

Associate Professor, Department of Management, Society & Communication (MSC), CBS

10.2013 - 06.2016

Assistant Professor, Department of International Business Communication (IBC), CBS

01.2013 - 09.2013

Postdoc Researcher, IBC, CBS

06.2012 – 12.2012

Research Assistant, IBC, CBS

12.2008 – 05.2012

PhD fellow, IBC, CBS

05. 2004 – 11.2008

Independent Research Associate for WIP, Japan and London Research International

10.2000 – 04.2004

Senior Coordinator, Phase One A/S

01.1998 – 09.2000

Columnist for Nikkei Net Business (Japanese business publication)

04.1991 – 11.1997

Marketing research & business development,

Panasonic Corporation, Home Appliance Company




  • Leadership Management course funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark: From Project to Competitive Advantage - Pasteur Program 2017, Harvard Business School (HBS)


  • Assistant Professorship Program, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


  • PhD in Cross-Cultural Cognition, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Major PhD schools affiliated and courses attended:

  • Course attendance “Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining” (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Summer School of the Swedish Graduate School in Cognitive Science
  • European Summer School of Logic, Language and Information
  • Nordic Graduate School of Language Technology
  • Forskerskole Øst (University of Copenhagen, CBS, Roskilde Univ.)


  • Master of Language Administration, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)
  • BA in Psychology, Doshisha University, Japan


Fund raising activities


  • 2017 Main applicant and recipient of “Cool Japan – Smart Denmark Initiative: Integration of data sciences in the tourism research”: the 9th call for the proposal of the International Network Program, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science (287,636 DKK)
  • 2016 Main applicant and recipient of 2016 Grand Solution project: UMAMI (Understanding Mindset across Markets, Internationally) funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (6,536,240 DKK)
  • 2015: Main applicant of a Grand Solution project application for :“3C: Comprehending Consumers across Cultures – R&D of a “value-based” intercultural consumer segmentation tool” with DTU Compute, Kyoto University, Synergy Marketing Inc., Panasonic Lifestyle Research Center Europe, Mensch, applied for Innovations Fund Denmark: 16 million DKK (received excellent review for the second and final stage evaluation and contributed as a basis of the 2016 Grand Solution project: UMAMI)
  • 2013: Co-recipient and co-funded as postdoctoral researcher by the Carlsberg Foundation as part of the Global English (6.6 millin DKK)


Academic awards:


  • Nomination for the final three Best Paper Awards for the paper “Categorization of Destinations and Formation of Mental Destination Representations: A Parallel Biclustering Analysis” at the 48th TTRA (The Travel and Tourism Research Association) annual international conference, 2017, Quebec, Canada
  • Best Paper Award for the paper “Asymmetric similarity and cross-cultural communication process” at the 9th Int. Conf. on Terminology and Artif. Intelligence 2011, Paris, France.
  • Nomination for the final four Best Paper Awards for the paper “Alignment of remote cultures” at the 2nd International Conference on Culture and Computing in Kyoto, Japan, October 2011 / red. Juan E. Guerrero. Los Alamitos: IEEE Computer Society Press. 21-26.


Teaching experience (as of August 2016):


  • Supervisions and exams of in total 46 students in the 1st and 2nd year as well as Bachelor projects of the Asian Study Program (Bachelor)
  • Supervisions of 30+ master level students


  • Co-supervision of one bachelor student from Bachelor of Science in Engineering program at Technical University of Denmark
  • Host of research stay for one PhD student from Technical University of Denmark


  • Consumer theories and practices in East and West: When Western businesses meet Asian Consumers – and vice versa, MA in International Business Communication (Fall 2016)
  • Stakeholder Relationship Management, MA in International Business Communication (Spring 2016)
  • Complexity of cultures in East and in West: from the view of cultural psychology, BA in Intercultural Market Communication (Fall 2014)
  • Guest lecture: Culture & Cultural Economy in BA in European Business (November 2014)
  • Guest lecture: Communicating across Cultures in BA in Intercultural Market Communication: IMK (March 2015, Spring 2016)


Management experience and other scientific qualification


As independent research associate for consultant agencies: WIP Japan and London Research International, conducted projects producing research reports delivered to the Japanese Government as listed below:


  • Study on the tele-working in Denmark (client: the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication)
  • Study on the work-life-balance in Denmark and Sweden (client: the Japanese Cabinet Office)
  • Study on recent trends of the postal market in Denmark and Sweden (client: the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication)
  • Study on the freedom of Information policy in Norway (client: the Metropolitan of Tokyo)
  • Danish e-government (client: the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication)
  • Policy of dietary education in Scandinavia partly published as a White Paper (client: the Japanese Cabinet Office)
  • Norwegian policy for children and young people (client: the Japanese Cabinet Office)


As consumer behavior researcher for Panasonic Corporation, conducted consumer survey projects producing business reports as listed below (only major contributions):


  • Kano, F. (1995) Business report: Consumers attitudes towards healthy life style: segmentation of consumers based on a consumer value survey (unpublished work in Japanese: targeted for internal business use in Panasonic Corporation, Japan)
  • Kano, F. (1993) Business report: Consumers attitudes towards environment: segmentation of consumers according to attitudes to install organic garbage disposer (unpublished work in Japanese: targeted for internal business use in Panasonic Corporation, Japan)


Acacdemic community:


  • Member of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
  • Member of the Tourism & Travel Research Association (TTRA)


Noteworthy activities:


  • Guest lecturer in the Big Data workshop organized by Fujitsu Corporation, Japanese Society of Global Business and the Biometric Society of Japan on 1st June 2016.
  • Invited speaker at the “Synergy Live” planned on 8 Dec. 2015 where around 1000 participants are invited participants through the Yahoo! Japan mother organization. Theme: “Comprehending Consumers across Cultures for Effective Global Communication”
  • Invited speaker at the “DEIC (Danish E-Infrastructure Corporation) Conference 2015” on 6-7 Oct. 2015 sponsored by Microsoft Danmark A/S (
  • Organizer of the 2016-2020 thematic session “Comprehending Consumers: Computing Complexity of Cultures” under the overall framework of the 5-years project “Challenge for Realizing Early Profits” coordinated by the powerful Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence (JSAI)
  • Invited talk: Should ontologies be language independent or dependent? Presented on 25-28 Jan. 2011 at The Second Kyoto EU - FP7 ICT Work Programme Workshop in Gifu, Japan.
  • Visiting researcher in Prof. Kentaro Inui’s Communication Science Lab. at the Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University, Japan, Jan. 2011 – Mar. 2011


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