Fumiko Kano Glückstad

Associate Professor in Cross-Cultural Market Communication

Dept. of Management, Society & Communication

Copenhagen Businesss School


About me:


My academic career is strongly based on my 15 years of international business experience, among others:


  • business/product planning & consumer behavior research from Panasonic Corporation;
  • international business communication & negotiation specialized in the Japanese market at Phase One A/S; and
  • independent research associate undertaking projects involving the Scandinavian- and Japanese central governments.


These professional experiences encouraged me to pursue my PhD project on developing a cross-cultural knowledge alignment framework that automatically aligns and structures multiple culture-specific concept systems (ontologies) by employing the state-of-the-art cognitive model developed by MIT and extended as an advanced unsupervised machine learning tool by researchers from Technical University of Denmark.


I am highly motivated to initiate interdisciplinary research projects bridging between technical sciences and humanities/social sciences; academic research and businesses; as well as Western and Eastern cultures.


My current interest is applying the aforementioned machine learning tool to analyze diverse multicultural data, e.g. response patterns of survey items available from e.g. World Value Survey / European Social Survey and consumer survey data. In particular, segmentation of consumers, segment-specific behavior prediction, as well as development of segment-specific communication strategy are some of my major research interests.


I am a main initiator of a prestigious interdisciplinary innovation project UMAMI, co-headed with Prof. Alexander Josiassen, Director of Center for Tourism & Culture Management at Dept. of Marketing. In this project, we investigate tourists’ interpersonal values, motivations and mental representation of tourist destinations which influence their behavioral intensions to select and visit a specific destination.


Main research area:

  • Social, Cognitive & Cross-Cultural Pscyhology
  • Consumer Psychology (Consumer Segmentation & Segment-specific Consumer Analysis)
  • Intercultural Data Analysis Methods
  • Business Intelligence (Application of Machine Learning technologies to Social Sciences in particular focus on Marketing and Tourism)


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